2018 Nonfiction Contest Runner-up: J’Lyn Chapman

"There is a beautiful moment in this meditation on nature, language, and motherhood which made me fall in love with it—the narrator writes of reading Charlotte Brontë’s novel Villette, in bed, the summer after her daughter was born, which moves into Brontë’s...

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45.2 Feature: Craft Essay by Ava Hofmann

Originally from Oxford, Ohio, Ava Hofmann is a writer currently living and working as an MFA student in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She has poems published in or forthcoming from Black Warrior Review, Fence, Anomaly, Best American Experimental...

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45.1 Feature: Craft Essay by Krys Malcolm Belc

On "First Seen in Print in 1987, According to Merriam Webster" Krys Malcolm Belc My original New York City Certificate of Birth, issued in July 1987, is a beautiful document. I love the weathered pink paper, the texture, the seal and signatures. I stare at...

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