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Jamiyla Lowe


Marc Anthony Richardson | Kelsey Norris | Jason Guisao | Matan Gold 

Cole Closser | Jenna Le | Tatiana Johnson-Boria | Calvin Walds

Jesslyn Whittell | Katy Chrisler | Sun Tzu-ping (trans. By Nicholas Wong)

Sidney Taiko | Yasmine Rukia | Prince Bush | Jorrell Watkins

Lynne Thompson | Jose-Luis Moctezuma | Mónica Gomery

MICHAEL CHANG | J Xiang | Mary Soto (trans. By Madeline Vardell)

Stephanie Ellis Schlaifer

Contest Winners and Runner-ups

Rachel Julia Engler | Jennifer Cie | Katherine Yeejin Hur | Gyasi Hall

Jody Chan | torrin a. greathouse | Elaine Hsieh Chou | Kiley McLaughlin


Alison C. Rollins

Online Exclusive Chapbook:

marcus scott williams

Featured Artist:

Jamiyla Lowe

JAMIYLA LOWE is a Black Toronto based illustrative artist with a concentration on drawing and screen printing. Her works include self-published books, sculpture, and animation. She has exhibited her work in galleries and at small-press fairs in Canada and the US. Her work primarily focuses on multiples in the form of screen-printed textile and paper works, printed apparel, and self-published books. Her newest release, an illustrated book called As You Wish focuses on the gaps between fantasy and reality, a humorous look at living in a constant state of anticipation of the things we think we want. The environments her characters typically inhabit are hypnotically uncomfortable domestic spaces, the places where we seek comfort the most. She currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada.



The Secret Boyfriend, the latest issue of BWR’s online edition, is live! With work from Huan He, Kanak Kapur, Lucy Zhang, London Pinkney, Clancy Tripp, Oak Morse, Chloe Martinez, Zefyr Lisowski.

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