BWR invites you to explore our enigmatic, one-word prompt of “creature(s)” for our first ever online themed contest, open until March 31st, 2024. Creature(s) can represent anything, from mythical beasts straight out of a medieval bestiary to microscopic organisms on distant planets to cryptids lurking in the woods, just out of sight. Whether you draw inspiration from folklore, sci-fi, the natural world, lived experiences, or the abstract, we’re desperate to know: what do(es) creatures conjure up for you?

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Featured Artist

Evelyn Tan



Akpa Arinzechukwu | Alice White | Avery Moore | Ber Anena | Domenica Martinello | Dylan Gilbert | Jade Hurter | John Bonanni | Kathryne David Gargano | Kinsale Drake | Luisa Muradyan | Mandy Shunnarah | MR Sheffield | Sean Enfield | Tiffany Wu


Amber Starks | Erin Vachon | Felix Lecocq | Galen David Bunting | Hayli Cox | J. Billings | Kasumi Parker | Kate E. Lore | Kelly Lenox | Mackenzie Duan | Mohammad Hakima | Rebecca Baumann | Renée Westbrook | Rhonda Waterhouse | Sarah Boudreau | Shane Kowalski | Sophie Ezzell | Soramimi Hanarejima | Spencer Jones | Vivek V. Narayan | Yoram Naslavsky trans. by Margalit Rodgers

Comics & Art

Ben Miller

Featured Artist:


Evelyn Tan

Evelyn Tan is an artist based in Vancouver, Canada and Providence, RI. Her personal work seeks to chase a sense of nostalgia through metaphors, symbolism, and dreams. She is interested in the dynamics of omniscience, surveillance, and sovereignty, many times portraying such relationships in ironic scenarios.