• BWR is excited to launch our March 2024 Online Flash Contest, inviting you to explore our enigmatic, one-word prompt of “creature(s). Creature(s) can represent anything, from mythical beasts straight out of a medieval bestiary to microscopic organisms on distant planets to cryptids lurking in the woods, just out of sight. Whether you draw inspiration from folklore, sci-fi, the natural world, lived experiences, or the abstract, we’re desperate to know: what do(es) creatures conjure up for you? 


    • Winner: Publication on the Black Warrior Review website, free entry to our annual summer contest, and a moderate cash prize.
    • Runner-up and Shortlist: Publication on our website & our social media platforms, as well as free entry to our annual summer contest. 


    • Genres: We are looking for flash fiction or flash nonfiction.
    • Submission Window: March 4th to March 31st. Please submit your entries electronically via our Submittable portal.
    • Word/Poem Limit: Flash fiction or creative nonfiction submissions up to 1,500 words each.
    • Entry Fee: $10 per entry. Each entry can include up to two flash pieces in either genre. (If you’re submitting one fiction and one nonfiction piece, specify which is which in your cover letter.)

    Important Notes:

    • Submission Guidelines: This contest is distinct from our annual flash contest. We accept multiple and simultaneous submissions, but please submit only previously unpublished work.
    • Inclusivity and Diversity: Black Warrior Review is dedicated to supporting a diverse range of voices and stories in our publications, and we welcome submissions from writers around the world.
    • Restrictions: AI-generated work will not be accepted for this contest.

    Stay Connected:

    Keep an eye on our social media platforms (@blackwarriorrev on Instagram and Twitter) and our website for other updates. In the meantime, we’re eager to see how you bring your creature(s) to life…

  • Students, faculty, staff, and administrators currently affiliated with the University of Alabama are ineligible for consideration or publication.
  • BWR adheres to the CLMP Contest Code of Ethics.