Free General Submission Period!

Jul 12, 2017News

Wednesday, July 12th

8 a.m. – 12 a.m. (CT)


BWR is pleased to announce that general submissions will be free of charge until midnight tonight!

We are deeply invested in reading and publishing the voices of folks who experience marginalization: Black voices, people of color, women (especially women of color), queer and trans and genderqueer and nonbinary voices, and voices of disability.

Our editorial team wants to do everything in our power to make the submission process accessible to all writers, regardless of economic means. It is important to us that everyone, especially marginalized writers, feel welcome to grant us the opportunity to consider their work.

While we know that submission fees can add up, we also want to mention that our submission fee was established as a way to pay our contributing writers. If you are a financially able individual who values the work we do as a journal, we urge you to consider paying the fee, so that we can continue giving back to our contributing writers.

For the sake of transparency, we also want to say that we receive a high volume of general submissions. As editors, we read more truly exceptional work than we are able to fit in our pages. Despite the fact that we receive many submissions, we don’t want to close out anyone from consideration due to our submission fee.

For those of you who have the means, our annual contest in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction is a great opportunity for BWR editors to read and consider your piece, both for the contest and general publication. We read every single piece that comes through our queue, and very often will consider a piece for general publication in the instance that it isn’t chosen by the judge as the winning piece. Our $20 submission fee comes with a 1-year subscription, so if you’re interested in reading the work that we publish, the contest is a way to subscribe and to submit your own work to us at the same time. You can submit to our contest here:

Please note that our free submission period does not apply to contest submissions.


Thank you for your interest in BWR and happy submitting!

The Editors