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Review: OVERPOUR by Jane Wong

Overpour Jane Wong 2016 Action Books 99 pages...
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2017 Contest: An Interview with Poetry Judge Rachel McKibbens

Rachel McKibbens is a two-time New York...
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2017 Contest: A Conversation with Nonfiction Judge Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib

Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib is a poet, essayist, and...
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2017 Contest: An Interview with Fiction Judge Nicola Griffith

Nicola Griffith, a dual UK/US citizen, is the...
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2016 Contest: Poetry Runner-up HEAVEN MAKE ME A WARRIOR TO SLAY ALL THE BAD MAGIC by Lauren Eggert-Crowe

2016 poetry judge Hoa Nguyen selected “Heaven Make Me a Warrior to Slay all the Bad Magic” by Lauren Eggert-Crowe as the poetry runner-up.

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2016 Contest: Fiction Runner-up TELL ME A STORY ABOUT LIONS by Abby Horowitz

“Tell Me a Story About Lions” is a fairytale with teeth. It brings together the figures of the mother and the carnivore, pitting care of the self against caring for others. The results are gripping, unsettling, and delicious.

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2016 Contest: An Interview with Poetry Winner Kirsten Ihns

I think humor is, or can be, fundamentally subversive—it’s like irony, but more joyous, for me.

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43.2 Feature: Melissa R. Sipin Reads MY LOLA, THE RIVER

Click here for more 43.2 featured content. ...
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2016 Contest: An Interview with Nonfiction Winner Rocket Caleshu

I see a relation between the provisionality of inhabiting a trans identity and the provisionality of writing as critical practice, and I wanted to convey that in the essay.

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National Poetry Month: from HOUSE OF DEER by Sasha Steensen

This year, for national poetry month, we asked...
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2016 Contest: An Interview with Fiction Winner Ava Tomasula y Garcia

I’d been writing “Videoteca” for at least six years, in a notebook in which I collect pretty much everything: accounts of interactions, transcriptions of news reports on the tv, my own diary entries.

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43.2 Feature: Craft Essay by James A.H. White

While in line with a few friends to clench my way through Disneyworld’s Hollywood Studios’ The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, a ride that mimics the (repeated) plummeting of a 13-story service elevator, I eavesdropped on the young boy and girl waiting behind me as they asked their father what exactly it was they were about to experience.

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