Winners and Finalists of our Eighth Annual Contest

Dec 6, 2012Archive, News

We’re pleased to announce the winners and finalists of our eighth annual contest.

Our nonfiction judge, Maggie Nelson, selected this year’s Nonfiction Winner: Shena McAuliffe for “Endnotes to a Seizure”

Nonfiction Finalists:

Seth Morgan
Abigail Loar
Camellia Freeman
Chiori Miya
Tasha Matsumoto
Krista Eastman
Jennifer S. Cheng
Meghan McClure
Kristin LeMay

Our fiction judge, Mary Caponegro, selected this year’s Fiction Winner: Evelyn Hampton for “Blondlot’s Transformation”

Fiction Finalists:

Lily Hoang
Vi Khi Nao
Kelly Ramsey
Jessica Alexander
Claire Donato
Helen Phillips
Jen Fawkes
Elisa Fernandez-Arias

Our poetry judge, Sabrina Orah Mark, selected this year’s Poetry Winner: Jade Benoit for “All Hooves and Teeth”

Poetry Finalists:

Lo Kwa Meien
Cori A Winrock
Jenn Marie Nunes
Sierra Nelson
Robert Fanning
Samuel Ace
Meghan Privitello

We offer thanks to this year’s judges and to all who entered!

Look for winning submissions in issue 39.2, which will be out in March 2013.