Submissions Now Open & Other News

Dec 1, 2014Archive, News

Dear Readers,

General submissions to Black Warrior Review’s prose, poetry, nonfiction, and graphic prose genres will open on December 1st. We welcome all of your submissions, especially the experimental works, the lyrical fragments, and everything in-between.

Unhappily, we find that we can no longer accept these submissions at no cost to you. This was not a decision that we undertook lightly. Over the past few years, we have faced a shrinking endowment and dwindling donor support. This has resulted in BWR having to reduce contributor payments by as much as 45%.

We once took pride in our ability to pay our writers at a professional level, and in order to restore that practice, we must replace our nonexistent donor income or risk no longer being able to pay our writers and artists at all.

The three-dollar fee you will now find attached to general submissions will go exclusively toward paying our writers and contributing artists.

Thank you for your support and your continued patronage of Black Warrior Review.

Your (out-going) Editor,

Kirby Johnson

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