Review: FOR THE RIDE by Alice Notley

Apr 21, 2020Reviews

For the Ride

Alice Notley

Penguin Books

144 pages

Affection: For the Ride

Review by August Kelly

One read poetry of One For The Ride pastly; sticks; one thinks are getting it. If are One can speak thusly? Sounds like? One is speaking. How right time always could, expansive? One is walks close pines; sticks; and Rather Pagan happens will be as talking from the mountain, for/through ones.


Ones in habit? Visitation spots green glass and eviscerates fell-ly. Risks sound worth it, is Rather Pagan saying, pastly and on-ly. Gifts. Hear words fell down the mountain. Ready please? And forgetting all plans, greasing spokes darkly; windows look in; wondrous shock night hands flowering gold-sickly. Star fucked I mean it kindly Rather Pagan still. Mountains ‘rnt about, no sign.


Risk who’s game? Who gasp loudly; bodies r onesize d’wn window; green grass so fast; ones watch ones for tellin’ the truth. Teacher? Talk to oneself. Am-ing veranda; Visits. Vista with the sides roll in. One try honey and ones seeing how sound. C’ldn’t help-search-code; back sticks; reaching pulls the heart right out.


Rather Pagan rather queer feeling; part and part; circle stairs trace building; pysch there is no need not so. One gets wonk; one With Without, pastly; same dream new world; baking not never now. Interrupts one, hands outs, shadows can they squeeze me sometimes, will-low-er bask-it; know what mean? Rather Pagan relish spores can go out of one.


One follows. Rather Pagan walk amongst. One hearing one ‘rnt realize; sticks alre’dy(?); one motion; but one affection heads; one Rather Pagan slow-melt; swallow still. One readier and urgent one laughing out loudwise; ones patter downstairs, some pupped up lighting whisper panels. ‘Rnt ones realizing breath so sideways so mob so fringe castoral sans spool burn course centrifugal forms.      Some nights. Even smoke.     Pa’lante mid-wick.


One does this; No stops.


An angel with no mirror trace like chalk. ‘Ve more than one call home.














          a      a

      a             a

  c                     a


  H                     1

  O       M           1

  (U      E            1

  S                     1

E)                      1                            a1

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