on earth we weigh the same as ever. and

monday the embryo hatched
in its mother’s tanning bed womb
the short-legged blue-lit clam coffin
dying in the corner of the living room

she cried fat slug trails of synthetic sun
as he came out, kicking, bleeding, breathing
vibrant, torrential, irradiant, double-yolked
alive, alive, alive, alive

good american boys are born knowing how
to dent drywall      to say no to no
to not have to wait too long
for their come-up, come all

it’s gravity: all things come from heaven
all things go to jupiter
a year or two before law school
where they’ll kill technicolor

and his chromogenated fiancée house-sitting herself
will fall in love with a kodak woman
who promises: this condo, this world
i will softboil for you      if you let me

Miley Lu

Miley Lu | 卢兆东 is a queer Asian-American poet, artist, and drag-performing creature from many places, all of which she calls home. She is an undergraduate at Vassar College. Her work is forthcoming from Squawk Back, Empty House Press, and Stanchion.