7.2 | SPRING 1981


EDITOR: Michael Pettit                           BUSINESS MANAGER: Amy Riddell

FICTION EDITOR: Jon Hershey              POETRY EDITOR: Leslie Nail

EDITORIAL STAFF: David Borofka, David Case, Clair Gilliland, Fred Hagan, Dev Hathaway, Mitch McClure, Erica Moseley, Rick Shelton, Sandra Sprayberry, Shelton Waldrep, Mike Williams

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Barbara Merchant, Jennifer Nolin


Mary Bush: Muskrat

Don Hendrie Jr.: Geography

John Clellon Holmes: At Pompeii

Kurt Rheinheimer: Sirens

Paul Russell: The Witch and the Goatboy


Glover Davis: Red Feather

M.R. Doty: March

Jorie Graham: Daily  |  Mother in Daylight  |  Game

Colette Inez: Grandma Moses Painted from the Topside Down, First, The Sky, People Last

Richard Katrovas: Leaving the French Quarter

Frances Mayes: The Poem with No End

R.G. Vliet: In the Pigeon Loft on a Cloudy Day

Diane Wald: We Are Getting All Upset Over Nothing

Bruce Weigl: Girl at the Chu Lai Laundry

Robley Wilson Jr.: The Man with the Blind Wife  |  Listening for Stars

Baron Wormser: The Autumns  |  The Brothers

C.D. Wright:  Jazz Impressions in the Garden  |  Landlocked, Fallen, Unsung  |  from Livelihoods of Freaks and Poets in the Western World  |  Who Sit Watch in Daylight

Paul Zimmer: The Eisenhower Years  |  Zimmer South



Paul Zimmer


Cathy Hankla  |  Don Noble  |  Jeanie Thompson


Bruce McCombs: Night Street (cover)