5.2 | SPRING 1979


EDITOR: Rodney Simard                      BUSINESS MANAGER: Belinda Butler

FICTION EDITOR: Ross White             POETRY EDITOR: Harold McLemore

EDITORIAL STAFF: Tommy Cantey, Ed Davis, Ric Dice, Jon Hershey, Leslie Nail, Marnie Prange, Amy Riddell, Brad Watson

COPY EDITOR: Mary Osborne


Lee Abbot Jr.: Augustine Crespi

Robert Cochran: Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners

Patricia Eakins: Show Business


R.H.W. Dillard: How Copernicus Stopped the Sun  |  How Einstein Started It Up Again  |  Through the Window  |  (His Angle)  |  The Seminar

Susan Hartman: Night Stroll  |  Haitiana

Susan Hauser: Wild Ginger

Ed Hoeppner: Litany for the Turning  |  Runaway

Rodney Jones: Looking Natural

Lowry Pei: Up the Delta

Dennis Sampson: The Double Genesis

Carmine Sarracino: On Tao-Chi’s Returning Home

Louie Skipper: Cry

Dara Wier: Ernie and Lucille at the Ferry  |  Ernie and Lucille Play Ponytail Canasta  |  Ernie and Lucille Galavant at Da Wabbit’s  |  Lucille Examines the Family Album  |  Ernie Reminisces at the K.C. Hall  |  The Innate Deception of Unspoiled Beauty

Emily Herring Wilson: Light and Dark



David K. Jeffrey: A Conversation with Allen Wier

David K. Jeffrey & Donald R. Noble: Harry Crews: A Part of an Interview

Alexander Sartwell: Notes on Verse Writing


Hurston Holland: cover art