5.1 | FALL 1978


EDITOR: Rodney Simard                      BUSINESS MANAGER: Belinda Butler

FICTION EDITOR: Ross White              POETRY EDITOR: Harold McLemore

EDITORIAL STAFF: Murray Cahill, Tommy Cantey, Ed Davis, Marnie Prange, Brad Watson

CONSULTING EDITORS: John Allison, Martha Langley

COPY EDITOR: Mary Osborne


Ben Barry: Second Choice

Mary Clearman Blew: The Last of the Half-Breed Hotspurs

Jack Butler: Without Any Ears

Ann Deagon: A Natural History


Susan Astor: Dame

Anne Cherner: Invitation  |  Farmhouse, Maryland  |  Turning Back  |  Street Nocturne  |  Backyard in Ohio  |  Getting Away

Robert Dana: Learning to Breathe

William Doreski: Speed  |  Boothbay Harbor Sunday  |  Sunburn  |  Photographs on a Blue Wall  |  Memento Mori  |  Dog on the Beach  |  Night Fishing in the Sudbury River

David Ghitelman: February

Susan Hauser: The First Poem  |  Grant County

Judith Minty: from Yellow Dog Journal: Spring Sequence

George Scarbrough: Summer Revival: Dead Mule  |  The River of Life  |  The Butcher Boy Observes the Butcher Taking Communion  |  Communion

Stephen Wallin: The Scene, 1630  |  Incident

Claudia March Wischner: Helix



Marcel Smith: Flight: An Interview with Barry Hannah


David K. Jeffrey  |  Rodney Jones


Murray Cahill: cover title

J.P. Hutto: photographs

Richard Zoellner: cover art