43.2 | SPRING/SUMMER 2017


EDITOR: Bronwyn Valentine                  MANAGING EDITOR: Gail Aronson

FICTION EDITOR:  Reem Abu-Baker     NONFICTION EDITOR: Kayleb Rae Candrilli

POETRY EDITOR: shelley feller             DESIGN EDITOR: Holly Burdorff

ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: Rebecca Brown, Chase Burke, Emily Coon, Julia Coursey, Wendy Dinwiddie, shelley feller, Natalie Lima, Michelle Meyers, JD Scott

ASSISTANT NONFICTION EDITORS: Rebecca Brown, Sammi Bryan, Chase Burke, Sarah N. Cheshire, Julia Coursey, Wendy Dinwiddie, shelley feller, Courtney M. Eason, Kit Emslie, Chelsea Klopp, Natalie Lima, Jenna Lyles, JD Scott, Rashanda Williams

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: Ivonne Ayala, Jake Boyd, Rebecca Brown, Sammi Bryan, Chase Burke, Julia Coursey, Wendy Dinwiddie, Courtney M. Eason, Diamond Forde, Chelsea Klopp, Grant Gerald Miller, Jessica Pacitto, JD Scott, Brett Shaw, Elizabth Theriot, Rashanda Williams

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Christina Ausley, Sarah Harden, Chengru He, Codie Harris, Roman Paoletti, David Russell, Nick Summers


Ron A. Austin: Muscled Clean Out the Dirt

Andi Boyd: , among others

Scott Fenton: Possible Origin Stories for an Aspiring Boy Wonder

Zeynep ÖzakatAviculture 

MR Sheffield: I Could Love These Women 

Ava Tomasula y GarciaVideoteca Fin del Mundo (2016 Fiction Contest Winner)


Rocket CaleshuWhatever (2016 Nonfiction Contest Winner)

Sally J. Johnson: Limnology

T Kira MaddenCousin Cindy

Alexander PinesMonster Glossary

Timothy Schirmer: In Universe-Time I am Already Dead

James A.H. WhiteHow We Became American 


Ashley Colley: from The Cow Suit

Meg Freitag: The Gospel According to Edith | Poem in Which I wear the Same Clothes as Yesterday 

Kirsten Ihnsprimer fidelis | the autobiographical subject (2016 Poetry Contest Winner)

Liam SwansonThe Universe Is Egg Shaped I am Egg Shaped Everything Is Egg Shaped 

Jake Syersak: Of L’Air de, Parantheses, Isaac Newton, & Bones Was-ing

Alethea Tusher: conflict resolution 

HR Webster: BRCA 1 / BRCA 2


Kaveh Akbar: I Won’t Lie This Plague of Gratitude | I Could Go On | Orange Slices 

Aaron Apps: Without, Faith | Because I Cried After Calling | Visible and Invisible

Anne Boyer: Death and the Maiden

Katy Chrisler: Seeds & Eggs | Zero Datum | Prime 

CAConrad: from Mount Monadnock Transmissions

Johanna Hedva: Zinat 

Justin Phillip Reed: Villainy 

Melissa R. Sipin: Saudade | My Lola, the River | Saudade, II 

Graphic Writing

Vidhu Aggarwal and Bishakh Som: Avatar of the Bindi, or Dot Friend 


Nakeya Brown: The Art of Sealing Ends (cover)


Sara Jane Stoner: Grief Hour