43.1 | FALL/WINTER 2016


EDITOR: Bronwyn Valentine                   MANAGING EDITOR: Gail Aronson

FICTION EDITOR: Reem Abu-Baker       NONFICTION EDITOR: Kayleb Candrilli

POETRY EDITOR: shelley feller               DESIGN EDITOR: Holly Burdorff

ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: Nathan Blanchard, Rebecca Brown, Sammi Bryan, Chase Burke, Kayleb Candrilli, Emily Coon, Julia Coursey, shelley feller, Aleah Goldin, Michelle Meyers, Aubrianne Norton, JD Scott, Rashanda Williams

ASSISTANT NONFICTION EDITORS: Reem Abu-Baker, Alex Bauer, Nathan Blanchard, Rebecca Brown, Julia Coursey, Kit Emslie, Michelle Meyers

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: Reem Abu-Baker, Riley Bingham, Nathan Blanchard, Rebecca Brown, Sammi Bryan, Chase Burke, Kayleb Candrilli, Julia Coursey, Courtney Eason, Nabila Lovelace, Wyatt McMurry, JD Scott, Brett Shaw, Elizabeth Theriot, Keith Wiley

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Sammi Bryan, Tyler Corbridge, Wyatt McMurry


María Isabel Alvarez: Peña Blanca, Guatemala 

Ana Crouch UreñaToño Morongo

Brett Finlayson: A Matter of Discipline

Megan Giddings: Nature Growing Out My Bones

Katie Knoll: Witch House Oranges

Kat LewinThe Psychology of Lizards

Adrienne G. PerryMore of the World This Way


D. AllenOn Needles

Garnett Kilberg Cohen: The Flowers Mother Ate

Courtney Kersten: The Season for Shapeshifting

Meghan McClure & Michael Schmeltzer: from A Single Throat Opens

Mandy L. Rose: Motion for Order of Protection: Incident Checklist

Leslie Stainton: Rappahannock, 1960

Eric TranIf Asked

Elissa Washuta: I Will Write a Bestselling Native American Biography


Yu-Han ChaoMono Y Di  |  Six Degrees of Polypeptide

Richard Garcia: The Show

Kamden HilliardMany Men Make

Laurel Hunt: The Nero graph  |  The last scientific inquiry into the reproductive habits of mermaids

Raymond McDaniel: Look Up

Caolan Madden: from Vast Necrohol

Ruth Madievsky: Bed

Laura Romeyn: Horse Girl

Sara June Woods: Trans Memoir 8


Luanne Redeye: (Self)Image (cover)

Graphic Writing

Gabrielle Bates: This Afternoon We Are All Arachnes


Grace Shuyi Liew: Inflect