42.2 | SPRING/SUMMER 2016


EDITOR: Zachary Doss                             MANAGING EDITOR: Bronwyn Valentine

FICTION EDITOR:  Joe Lucido                  NONFICTION EDITOR: Shaelyn Smith

POETRY EDITOR: Ryan Bollenbach        DESIGN EDITOR: JD Scott

ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: Reem Abu-Baker, Gail Aronson, Pete Beatty, Nathan Blanchard, Ryan Bollenbach, Chase Burke, Emily Coon, Julia Coursey, K. Jane Childs, shelley feller, Michelle Meyers, Meredith Noseworthy, JD Scott, Rashanda Williams

ASSISTANT NONFICTION EDITORS: Reem Abu-Baker, Gail Aronson, Pete Beatty, Ryan Bollenbach, Sammi Bryan, Rebecca Brown, Kayleb Candrilli, Courtney M. Eason, Chris Emslie, shelley feller, Nabila Lovelace, Brett Shaw

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: Gail Aronson, Nathan Blanchard, Rebecca Brown, Sammi Bryan, Chase Burke, Julia Coursey, Courtney M. Eason, shelley feller, Michael Lambert, Nabila Lovelace, Wyatt McMurry, Brett Shaw, Elizabeth Theriot, Keith Wiley

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Sammi Bryan, Tyler Corbridge, Sydney Griffin, Wyatt McMurry


Kate McQuade: The Translator’s Daughter

LaTanya McQueen: Muscle Memory of a Body That Is Not Her Body

Sequoia Nagamatsu: The Scope of Possibility 

Jill RosenbergThe Twins (2015 Fiction Contest Winner)


Rochelle Hurt: An entrance, an exit, an entrance

Will McGrath: Huron River Drive (2015 Nonfiction Contest Winner)

Maria Peréz: Call Your Sister

Shelley PuhakEva, she kill her one daughter


Mark Baumerb careful (2015 Poetry Contest Winner)

Jennifer S. ChengFrom the Voice of the Lady in the Moon series

Mary-Alice Daniel: Wolfmoon 

Patricia Colleen Murphy: An IQ Test for Idiots

Anne Marie Rooney: Lion Song

Rhiannon ThorneWhen I Pick Up Drop-Spinning  |  My Father Asks Me If I’m a Spinster


Caren Beilin: Less Then Zero

Susan Briante: The Messengers

Kendra Fortmeyer: X Approaching Infinity

Claire Hero: The Encroaching Fur  |  What Was Found in the Halls of Coyote 

Allegra Hyde: Delight®

Rachel Levy: The Host, or Ann, Ann, & Ann

Karyna McGlynn: Rich Girl Camp Revenge Fantasy  |  Swing Dancers Named Michael

Arisa White: The Lady Jogger  |  Fish Walking  |  Woman of Egrets


Amandine Urruty: Scooter (cover)


Megan Milks: The Feels