42.1 | FALL/WINTER 2015


EDITOR: Zachary Doss                             MANAGING EDITOR: Bronwyn Valentine

FICTION EDITOR:  Joe Lucido                  NONFICTION EDITOR: Shaelyn Smith

POETRY EDITOR: Ryan Bollenbach        DESIGN EDITOR: Sarah Kelly, JD Scott

ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: Reem Abu-Baker, Gail Aronson, Ryan Bollenbach, Aleah Goldin, Michael Lambert, Meredith Noseworthy, Meghan Tear Plummer, Nicole Rivas, Santhi Tsingos

ASSISTANT NONFICTION EDITORS: Reem Abu-Baker, Alex R. Bauer, Ryan Bollenbach, Kayleb Candrilli, Courtney M. Eason, Chris Emslie, Matt Jones, Jessica Masterton, Meredith Noseworthy, Meghan Tear Plummer, JD Scott

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: Gail Aronson, Riley Bingham, K. Jane Childs, Courtney M. Eason, shelley feller, Michael Lambert, Daniel Myers, Brett Shaw, Shaelyn Smith

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Gail Aronson, David Lewis


Jessica Alexander: Things We Have Had to Overcome

Nathan Clay Barbarick: Here Is Our Star, the Sun

Patty Yumi CottrellIn the Room of Fathers

Lynda Sexson: The End of Apples

Caroline Belle Stewart: Widow


Aimée Baker: Schizophrenia Redux

Claudia Cortese: Twine Essay  |  The Trauma Essay  |  Notes Towards an Essay on Love

Shamala GallagherMooncalf

Alex McElroyModes of Mortality: A Review of Pa Seidel’s Oeuvre

Soraya Palmer: Notes for an Angry Letter to the Editors of Pearson-Prentice Hall from Your Average Trini-Jamerican LaGahoo and Reader


MRB ChelkoWhy Be  |  Living Be  |  Desire Be  |  Sovereign Be 

Ansley Clark: One Soars on High  |  The Forest Full of Little Lost Old Men

Kat FinchA Mountain Bestiary

Laura Theobald: from it isn’t real

G.C. Waldrep: winter owl  |  desperation psalm  |  ematris parish


Candice Tripp: I’m Coming Back Tomorrow to Look for More (cover)


Colin Winnette: Loudermilk