41.2 | SPRING/SUMMER 2015


EDITOR: Kirby Johnson                        MANAGING EDITOR: Robert Hitt

FICTION EDITOR:  Zachary Doss        NONFICTION EDITOR: Connor Towne O’Neill

POETRY EDITOR: Bethany Startin      DESIGN EDITOR: Krystin Gollihue

ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: Reem Abu-Baker, Gail Aronson, Ryan Bollenbach, David Lewis, Joseph Lucido, Saeide Merzaei, Meredith Noseworthy, Andrew Stevens, Bronwyn Valentine

ASSISTANT NONFICTION EDITORS: Reem Abu-Baker, Alex R. Bauer, Kayleb Candrilli, Jonathan Lee Pattishall, Meghan Tear Plummer, Maggie Nye Smith, Shaelyn Smith

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: Ryan Bollenbach, Courtney M. Eason, shelley feller, Diamond Forde, Chase Fraley, Sarah Kelly, Michael Lambert, Daniel Myers, Meredith Noseworthy, JD Scott, Brett Shaw, Carter Strong, Bronwyn Valentine, Rashanda Williams

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Alex R. Bauer, Nathan Blanchard, Tyler Chestnut, Lily Daly, Natalie Landers, Amber Smith


Michael Credico: Baby

Simon Jacobs: The Ways I’ll Kill Him / The Ways I’ll Die

Michael Mau: Little Bird (2014 Fiction Contest Winner)

Zach PowersChildren in Alaska


Caroline CrewNo Aperture

Landon Houle: Bigfoot, Bum Foot, and Barbie: Strange but True at the Yahoo Freak Show (2014 Nonfiction Contest Winner)

Chiori Miya: People Watch


Allison Davis: Falls in Love, or Reads Spinoza

Sally Wen Mao: Yumi-Miru Kikai [The Dreaming Machine]

Emily Goodman Means: Dulia

Molly Rose Quinn: Very Early in My Life It Was Too Late  |  Leaving Her Behind Staying Behind Her, or A Daisy

Curtis Rogers: Of Plenty (2014 Poetry Contest Winner)


Ted Clossin: Never Worn

Laurel Nakanishi: Nanaue

Jamie Quatro: Anakainosis

Rachel Swearingen: Drone

Bess WinterYou Play With Dolls


Melissa Zexler: Beauty Queens (cover)

Graphic Writing

Jeffrey Chapman: A Mad Celebration of Nothing At All


Nicole Walker: Distracted Parents of the Micromanagement Era