40.1 | FALL/WINTER 2013


EDITOR: Brandi Wells                       MANAGING EDITOR: Kirby Johnson

FICTION EDITOR:  Jake Kinstler       NONFICTION EDITOR: Leia Penina Wilson

POETRY EDITOR: Anne Brettell       DESIGN EDITOR: Krystin Gollihue

ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: Zachary Doss, Katy Gunn, Moriah Hampton, Kirby Johnson, Meghan Tear Plummer, Leia Penina Wilson

ASSISTANT NONFICTION EDITORS: Zachary Doss, Katy Gunn, Kirby Johnson, Jake Kinstler, Matthew Mahaney, Bethany Startin

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: Andrea Barton, Zachary Doss, Katy Gunn, Kirby Johnson, Matthew Mahaney, Meredith Noseworthy, Steve Reaugh, Bethany Startin, Leia Penina Wilson

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Zachary Doss, Kirby Johnson, Matthew Mahaney, Jessica Masterton


Nick Francis Potter: Temporary Goliath Temporarily 

Ben Roberts: Snapshots from the Wedding

Shruti Swamy: Blindness

John Zackel: The Potential Energy of Mr. English


Julia Cohen: I Cannot Name It, It Lives

Chelsea Hodson: Four Cities

Adeena Reitberger: Here Is Always Somewhere Else


Adam Atkinson: Jacket Copy for The Cop Followed Frank Into the Diner  |  Jacket Copy for A Yellow Pencil in Midair Kept Sketching  |  Jacket Copy for The Blade of Your Hand Carves a Portal

Lo Kwa Mei-en: How to Make Love to the Costume You Found Me In

Blake Lee Pate: Exo-Secretariat 


Stephanie Anderson: Flight Path

Emily Kendal Frey: HEAT  |  GIFT  |  THE WELL  |  GUESTS

Cassandra Gillig: The day the government banned sex

Kimberly Grey: Conjugating

Kristin LeMay: Our Lost Moods

Ander Monson: DEAR ERRATA

Ben Pelhan: when you land on Madison Ave.

Solmaz Sharif: Break-Up

Bianca Stone: The People of Distress

Nick Sturm: Outside in the Aporia Days

Adrian Van Young: The Woman Who Bends

Angela Woodward: Lake Vostok

Wendy Xu: The Shape of It  |  Holiday


Kelly Louise Judd: Wallpaper (cover)


Benjamin Sutton: Then, the Unabridged