4.2 | SPRING 1978


EDITOR: Sarah Teal DeMellier             BUSINESS MANAGER: W. Peter Morris

FICTION EDITOR: Ross White              POETRY EDITOR: Louie Skipper


EDITORIAL STAFF: Sandra Beall, Tommy Cantey, Janet Ellis, Lisa Erwin, Tim Harkins, Jon Hershey, Harold McLemore, Mike Mills, Clark Powell, David Sandy, Philip Shirley



Deirdre Burt: The Last Stand

John Clellon Holmes: Night-Blooming Cereus

William Mickelberry: from To The Borderland

Barry Targan: The Seventh Nation of the Iroquois 


Paul Alexander: For Robert Penn Warren: 1922

Ann Deagon: Games for the Root-House Children  |  Basic Rescue

M.R. Doty: Hunting the Bright Tree

Emily Grosholz: Rodin to Rilke

Ed Hoeppner: On the Afternoon of the Passover  |  After the Sixth Day  |  Scarecrow’s Fortune: For Hamlet, for All the Actors He Has Played  |  From Garvey’s Farm: Seneca, Wisconsin  |  From a Funeral in the Rainy Season  |  From the Back Porch

Charles C. McNair Jr.: Anna Who Talks in Her Sleep

Larry Moffi: Lullaby  |  February

Maureen Morehead: The purple lady and the lovers  |  The purple lady and God  |  The purple lady and Mary

Mary Ruefle: Lake Gulls in April  |  Stagger

Dennis Sampson: Elegy for a Child Who Drew Schools  |  November Poem to an Unborn Child  |  What the Rising of the Dead Shall Mean 

William Stafford: Trouble-Shooting  |  How It Is with Family  |  The Book About You  |  Child in the Evening

Jeanie Thompson: The Children

Mark Van Tilburg: The Gauge on Empty  |  Having Decided to Make a Go of It, Summer Approaches

Richard Weaver: The Drowning of the Sea Continues

Mary Jane White: Of all Plants, the Tree


Diane Mastin: cover art