4.1 | FALL 1977


EDITOR: Sarah Teal DeMellier            BUSINESS MANAGER: W. Peter Morris

FICTION EDITOR: Ric Dice                   POETRY EDITOR: Richard Weaver

EDITORIAL STAFF: Tommy Cantey, Janet Ellis, Lisa Erwin, Tim Harkins, Mike Mills, Kathy Peyman, Shirley Pribbenow, Clark Powell, David Sandy, Philip Shirley, Liz Thomas, Ross White


Lee Abbott Jr.: The Death of Ambrose Bierce

Tony Ardizzone: But You Can Call Me Thaddeus

Jack Butler: Hawk Gumbo

Robert Day: Beaver Dinners at the Eighth Street Tavern

Carroll Dale Short: The Fish


Ralph Adamo: Naples

Helene Davis: Peeping Tom  |  The Net  |  The Occupant  |  Chair and Bench  |  In the Frozen Air,  |  Park Drive Paranoia  |  Prose Poem  |  The Burning Window, variations on a theme  |  The Red Shoes  |  Ira

M.R. Doty: Rapunzel

Maria Flook: Getting You Born

Edward Hirsch: Cocks

Mark Jarman: Los Angeles

David Johnson: Hester: In Jail  |  Gloves for Old Mistress Hibbins

Lynne McMahon: Domestic in 4 Parts

Sherod Santos: Clearings

Louie Skipper: The Death of Snow White


Hurston Holland: cover art