39.2 | SPRING/SUMMER 2013


EDITOR: Emma Sovich                        MANAGING EDITOR: Brandi Wells

FICTION EDITOR:  Dara Ewing           NONFICTION EDITOR: Barry Grass

POETRY EDITOR: Laura Kochman     DESIGN EDITOR: Annie Agnone, Krystin Gollihue

ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: Zachary Doss, Alex Czaja, Katy Gunn, Annie Hartnett, Kirby Johnson, Jake Kinstler, Erica Meyers, Stephen Thomas, Leia Penina Wilson

ASSISTANT NONFICTION EDITORS: Zachary Doss, Katy Gunn, Kirby Johnson, Jake Kinstler, Laura Kochman, Kenny Kruse, Erica Meyers, Steve Reaugh, Elizabeth Rogers, Bethany Startin, Leia Penina Wilson

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: Katie Berger, Anne Brettell, Ashley Chambers, Zachary Doss, Jonathan Dubow, Emma Furman, Krystin Gollihue, Katy Gunn, Natalia Holtzman, Kirby Johnson, Kenny Kruse, Kristen Kuczenski, Matthew Mahaney, Christopher O. McCarter, Erica Meyers, Meredith Noseworthy, Jenifer Park, Bethany Startin, Ben Voigt, Leia Penina Wilson

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Elizabeth Branch, Lindsey Collins, Zachary Doss, Savanna Lauderdale, Matthew Mahaney, Jessica Masterton, Abby Melton


Patrick Coleman: No One Gets Hurt

Evelyn Hampton: Blondlot’s Transformation (2012 Fiction Contest Winner)

Tasha Matsumoto: The Maritime Vessel Kaleidoship

Vi Khi Nao: Mary Poppins’ Parasol 


Garrett J. Brown: Galileo in the Uecker Seats

Shena McAuliffe: Endnotes to a Seizure (2012 Nonfiction Contest Winner)

Noel Thistle Tague: Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards


Emily Anderson: Someone Has Fought with a Giant

Jade Benoit: All Hooves and Teeth

Meghan M. Lee: I wanted to say where I was not

Rachel Springer: { } 


Eric Baus: from The Tranquilized Tongue

Ching-In Chen: Sunrise.  |  Junk Goddess

Lightsey Darst: A tone

Dessa: The Crossing

Matthew Gavin Frank: Elements of the Pasty and Its Relation to the Lake

JoAnna Novak: Ratchet

Jenn Marie Nunes: Continuous Family Ownership 

Alexis Orgera: Distance Learning

Danielle Pafunda: The Dead Girls Speak in Unison  |  The Dead Girls Speak in Unison 

Rhoads Stevens: No Romance in Cutting Hair


Leslie Burns: Madonna and Fish

Pinar Yolaçan: Untitled from Maria Series (cover)

Graphic Writing

Sam Alden: The Boat


A. Minetta Gould: from Family