39.1 | FALL/WINTER 2012


EDITOR: Emma Sovich                           MANAGING EDITOR: Brandi Wells

FICTION EDITOR:  Dara Ewing              NONFICTION EDITOR: Barry Grass

POETRY EDITOR: Laura Kochman        DESIGN EDITOR: Annie Agnone

ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: Laurel Billings, Tom Cotsonas, Annie Hartnett, Jake Kinstler, Erica Meyers, Jessica Richardson, Brandi Wells, Leia Penina Wilson

ASSISTANT NONFICTION EDITORS: Laurel Billings, Jake Kinstler, Laura Kochman, Erica Meyers, Bethany Startin, Brandi Wells, Leia Penina Wilson

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: Aaron Beasley, Anne Brettell, Jonathan Dubow, Emma Furman, Molly Goldman, Jason McCall, Christopher O. McCarter, Erica Meyers, Bethany Startin, Ben Voigt, Brandi Wells, Leia Penina Wilson

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Jake Kinstler, Christopher O. McCarter, Erica Meyers


Ron A. Austin: Do It Yourself

Jessica Chrastil: Ballad of Perpetual Fathers

Michael Czyzniejewski: The Killer Always Returns to the Scene of the Crime

Norman Lock: 10 Impossible Objects

Ben Merriman: DMV

m k s volkofsky: See Oh Oh Pee [that]


Brian Trapp: My City in Two Dog Parks

Amanda Webster: An Apple Is a Rose


Kelly Forsythe: Historical Documents

Sarah V. Schweig: Room with Two Windows

Diane Seuss: Oh four-legged girl, it’s either you or the ossuary (SLS Contest Winner)

Marcela Sulak: Hebrew Lesson: Lichbosh

David Ward: Walking into the Ground

Jennifer Rosario Wong: Apparitions


Julie Carr: [Anna]

Amanda DeMarco: At Most (with Kristen Radtke & Mathias Svalina)

Jehanne Dubrow: Malamute

Sasha Fletcher: i am afraid at times of the stories i tell  |  wake up your saints and settle down for the night

Aaron Gilbreath: Between Disappearances 

Johannes Göransson: The Hostage Crisis

Eric LeMay: Viral-Ize

Prathna Lor: from DADDY

J. Michael Martinez: Self-Portrait as One-Night Stand  |  Where Timid Gestures Black

Rachel Mennies: Regarding the Burial (with Ken Weaver & Angela Stubbs)  |  Anatomy (II)

Kristen Radtke: In 1942 (with Amanda DeMarco & Mathias Svalina)  |  Overture

Meg Reilly: kombucha king

Anne Marie Rooney: Am I going to get raped in the park where I read my mother’s poem  |  Page which depletes and denies

Angela Stubbs: A Vocation from Mercy (with Rachel Mennies & Ken Weaver)

Janaka Stucky: from THE SAINT CHILDREN

Mathias Svalina: Papers and Marianas (with Amanda DeMarco & Kristen Radtke)  |  The Andromeda Strain, a Novel by Michael Crichton

Cole Swensen: from Landscapes on a Train


Rune Guneriussen: A parasitic gesture (cover)

Graphic Writing

Jenna Brager: Sketches of a Self-Portrait, After Mark Aguhar

Flynn Nicholls: Relic


Sueyeun Juliette Lee: No Comet, That Serpent in the Sky Means Noise