38.2 | SPRING/SUMMER 2012


EDITOR: Farren Stanley                       MANAGING EDITOR: Emma Sovich

FICTION EDITOR:  Danilo Thomas     NONFICTION EDITOR: Tessa Fontaine

POETRY EDITOR: AB Gorham             DESIGN EDITOR: Betsy Seymour, Annie Agnone

ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: Laurel Billings, Tom Cotsonas, Alex Czaja, Dara Ewing, Devin Gribbons, Katy Gunn, Jake Kinstler, Kenny Kruse, Erica Meyers, Juan Carlos Reyes, Stephen Thomas, Ben Voigt, Brandi Wells, Leia Wilson

ASSISTANT NONFICTION EDITORS: Annie Agnone, Ashley Chambers, Dara Ewing, Barry Grass, Katy Gunn, Jake Kinstler, Laura Kochman, Kenny Kruse, Christopher O. McCarter, Paige McCormick, Erica Meyers, Bethany Startin, Stephen Thomas, Ben Voigt, Brandi Wells

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: Annie Agnone, Anne Brettell, Jonathan Dubow, Dara Ewing, Emma Furman, Molly Goldman, Katy Gunn, Joshua Helms, Caroline Klocksiem, Laura Kochman, Kenny Kruse, Kristen Kuczenski, Matthew Mahaney, Christopher O. McCarter, Jason McCall, Bethany Startin, Stephen Thomas, Ben Voigt, Brandi Wells

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Ashley Chambers, Jake Kinstler, Christopher O. McCarter


Jenny Hanning: A Family Price

Harry Leeds: Upper / Lower (2011 Fiction Contest Winner)

Billy Longino: The Burial

Megan Martin: Outfoxed

Alex Taylor: Spare Parts


Steven Matthew Brown: Rest Stop Apologia

Matt Donovan: One Hundred and Twenty-One Seconds of Square Dance, Among Other Things

Janice Lee: fragments from Reconsolidation (2011 Nonfiction Contest Winner)

Jonathan Volk: Machina


Laura Eve Engel: All the Sciences

Nicholas Gulig: Pray / Tell (2011 Poetry Contest Winner)

Julia Madsen: If the Field Is Weak & Restrained

Martin Rock: Or Both. We Could Do Both.


Andrew Borgstrom: The Cycle of It

Ching-In Chen: Gestations: Pathology, Or Prankster of Memory | Island Where These Things Happen

Lucy Corin: Six Small Apocalypses

Jon Davis: Editor | Novelist | Poet 65

Craig Foltz: Why Should There Not Be a Handle?

Kate Greenstreet: 568 | 572 | 574

Joshua Harmon: The Annotated Mix-Tape #9

Dana Levin: Meanwhile

Rusty Morrison: In the Wait for a Wider Gaze (2)

Donald Platt: Litany on 1st Avenue for My Daughter

Laura Sims: from Post

Samantha Stiers: The Years Were a Waste | Continent of Mist


Tawni Shuler: Sun Ripened (cover)

Graphic Writing

Becky Dreistadt, Frank Gibson, & Zach Marcus

Liz Prince

Chrissy Spallone


Dawn Pendergast: The Even