37.1 | FALL/WINTER 2010


EDITOR: Jenny Gropp Hess                        MANAGING EDITOR: Farren Stanley

FICTION EDITOR: Stephen Gropp Hess   NONFICTION EDITOR: Katie Jean Shinkle

POETRY EDITOR: Daniela Olszewska        DESIGN EDITOR: Emily Conner

ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: Rachel Adams, David Andrews, Emily Conner, Megan Fink, Samuel Gray, Joshua Helms, Eric Karin, Juan Carlos Reyes, Lisa Tallin, Danilo Thomas, Adam Weinstein

ASSISTANT NONFICTION EDITORS: Rachel Adams, Emily Conner, Matt Dischinger, Pia Simone Garber, Joshua Helms, Eric Karin, Daniela Olszewska, Juan Carlos Reyes, Marybeth Smith, Aaron Smock

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: Pia Simone Garber, Ashley Gorham, Joshua Helms, M. Ann Hull, Eric Karin, Caroline Klocksiem, Matthew Mahaney, J. Kirk Maynard, Jason McCall

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Madison Langston, Matthew Mahaney, Mary Martin, Jessica Richardson, Lisa Tallin, Danilo Thomas


Nona Caspers: Two Clean Things  |  The Dog  |  The Phone Calls

Noah Eli Gordon: from The Source

Stephen Hastings-King: 10 Distributions

Donna Stonecipher: Etymological Dictionary 2


David LeGault: Artifacts and Other Crags


Eric Anderson: Landscape with a God’s Corpse as Garden  |  Counting Backwards Until Breaking

Emily Carr: ) trying to be in love. ok.

Heather Christle: When the Sun Went Down They Kept Growing

Patricia Lockwood: As Many as Fill the Mouth of Flies, As Much of Lure as Parts the Lips

Nate Pritts: Talking about Autumn Rain

Christopher Salerno: Delaware 


Dan Beachy-Quick: Confession  |  Writing from Memory (Part 3)

Martine Bellen: The Mountain

Jenny Boully: from not merely because of the unknown that was stalking towards them

Blake Butler: IN THE INIT YEAR

Olivia Cronk: A bowl

Julie Doxsee: The Evil Water in My Dream

Kate Durbin & Amaranth Borsuk: from Excess Exhibit

Christopher Janke: amusement announcement

Katie Kane: Payday Loan

Paul Lisicky: The Line It Drew  |  The Mother Tongue  |  The Supermarket of Our Childhood 

Joanna Ruocco: Madder, Chalk, Salt

Sandra Simonds: “There Is a Great Talk of Revolution,” Wife Writes on a Piece of Scratch Paper

Derek White: ARK CôdEx 0 <<rëCOMBinANT mamMOTH>> rEdiRECTs father masT

Elisabeth Whitehead: the pilgrim. (leans upon a mock-window at sea)  |  predictions. (the pilgrim’s emporium)


Enrica Casentini: Etchings

Michael Wanzenried: Alpha (cover)

Sound Art

Lawrence English | Giuseppe Ielasi | Margareth Kammerer & Claudio Rocchetti | Stephan Mathieu | Jon Mueller | Zane Trow


Eleni Sikelianos: from The Loving Detail of the Living and the Dead