36.2 | SPRING/SUMMER 2010


EDITOR: Kate Lorenz                                 MANAGING EDITOR: Jenny Gropp Hess

FICTION EDITOR: Christopher Hellwig   NONFICTION EDITOR: Laurence Ross

POETRY EDITOR: M. Ann Hull                  DESIGN EDITOR: Justin Runge, Emily Conner

ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: Rachel Adams, David Andrews, Emily Conner, Dara Ewing, Tessa Fontaine, Stephen Gropp Hess, BJ Hollars, Heather Humann, Juan Reyes, Jessica Richardson, Betsy Seymour, Lisa Tallin, Danilo Thomas

ASSISTANT NONFICTION EDITORS: Rachel Adams, Emily Conner, Dara Ewing, Pia Simone Garber, Colleen Hollister, Heather Humann, Daniela Olszewska, Juan Reyes, Betsy Seymour, Aaron Smock, Farren Stanley, Danilo Thomas, Susan Wood

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: Rachel Adams, Dara Ewing, Pia Simone Garber, Joshua Helms, Kirsten Jorgenson, Eric Karin, Matthew Mahaney, Jason McCall, Brian Morrison, Daniela Olszewska, Justin Runge, Farren Stanley

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Matthew Mahaney, Jessica Richardson, Lisa Tallin, Danilo Thomas


Jack Boettcher: Black Mold

Miriam Cohen: Naughty (2009 Fiction Contest Winner)

Robert Glick: K / S  |  Stomachs of the Homeless

Nick Kocz: Donald Rumsfeld Saved from Foreign Words

Alexander Lumans: Tunnel Out of Georgia

Cab Tran: The God of Sakurajima


Robert Stothart: American Kestrel


Christopher DeWeese: The Black Forest

Caitlin Doyle: If Siegfried and Roy Had Never Met

Chelsea Jennings: Travel, Like Nightfall (2010 Poetry Contest Winner)

Dawn Marie Knopf: For Amanecer

Catie Rosemurgy: Neighbor (2): Miss Peach in Velvet

Kate Rosenberg: The Relative Absence of Heat

Anne Shaw: Invitation

Stacey Waite: when after you have exhausted the possibilities


Nicky Beer: Three Ways of Feasting

Michael C. Boyko: The Disturbance Record, or, The Artificial Intelligence Outreach Program for Models Approaching Obsolescence (AI-OP-MAO)

Christophe Casamassima: from Ore (a book of 100 centos)

Shanna Compton: Coasting

Derek Henderson: Topograph

Brian Kubarycz: Nimbus

Michael Mejia: Zee Gee

Jena Osman: The Franklin Party

Lia Purpura: “Poetry Is a Satisfying of the Desire for Resemblance” 

Pamela Ryder: Jerusalem 

Maureen Seaton: After Violence, with Binaries and Fibonacci

Jessalyn Wakefield: Ghost Fence


Jason DeMarte: Extinct Identity (cover)


Oliver de la Paz: Post, Havoc: a Fable