36.1 | FALL/WINTER 2009


EDITOR: Kate Lorenz                                 MANAGING EDITOR: Jenny Gropp Hess

FICTION EDITOR: Christopher Hellwig   NONFICTION EDITOR: Andy Johnson

POETRY EDITOR: M. Ann Hull                  DESIGN EDITOR: Justin Runge

ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: Ward Bedsole, Emily Conner, Megan Fink, Stephen Gropp Hess, Heather Humann, Andy Johnson, Kirsten Jorgenson, Danny Letz, Amanda Stevens, Josh Tucker, Danie Vollenwider

ASSISTANT NONFICTION EDITORS: Eric Carpenter, Matt Dischinger, Ashley Gorham, Melissa Hull, Heather Humann, L. Bellee Jones, Caitlin Lovely, CD Mitchell, Daniela Olszewska, Nick Pincumbe, Katie Shinkle, Josh Tucker

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: Ward Bedsole, Eric Carpenter, Ashley Gorham, Kirsten Jorgenson, L. Bellee Jones, Michael Marberry, Brian Morrison, Daniela Olszewska, Laurence Ross, Justin Runge, Danie Vollenweider

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Ward Bedsole, Ashley Gorham, Danny Letz, Daniela Olszewska, Danie Vollenweider


James Grinwis: Village 30 Abacus Rump  |  Future 2  |  Future 3

Allis Hammond: Tuesday’s Child

Chloé Cooper Jones: What Can Be Learned

Anthony Luebbert: I wore a cummerbund, just in case

Peter Markus: What This All Used to Be, or Where Now All We See Are Trees


Jehanne Dubrow: The Lieutenant’s Wife

Janice Lee: A Man Who Is a Red Tree


Jaswinder Bolina: Mine Is the First Rodeo, Mine Is the Last Accolade

Claire Donato: Foreplay Heart

Leah Falk: Slow readers

Kristin Hatch: sometimes my arms bend back

Austin LaGrone: Twelve-Step

Jeremy Pataky: A Brief History of Landing Here

Andrew Zawacki: Glassscape


Aimee Bender: Viewer, Violator

Abigail Cloud: Snapped Key Demon

Mary Caponegro: A Visit to the Ark of Lambeth, or The Borametz

Shira Dentz: Seams

Lily Hoang: from Invisible Women

Joanna Klink: Early Night, Askew  |  Junkyard

Norman Lock: from Alphabets of Desire & Sorrow: A Book of Imaginary Colophons

Sabrina Orah Mark: Birthday  |  Where Babies Come From 

Paisley Rekdal: An Enemy


Paho Mann: Medicine Cabinet, Albuquerque, 2000 (cover)

Graphic Writing

Jesse Jacobs: Oh, What a Cruel God We’ve Got


K.A. Hays: Some Monolith