35.2 | SPRING/SUMMER 2009


EDITOR: Nick Parker                                  MANAGING EDITOR: Kate Lorenz

FICTION EDITOR: Colleen Hollister         NONFICTION EDITOR: BJ Hollars

POETRY EDITOR: S. Whitney Holmes      DESIGN EDITOR: Justin Runge

ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: Emily Conner, Megan Fink, BJ Hollars, Andy Johnson, Kirsten Jorgenson, Danny Letz, Luke Southworth, Amanda Stevens, Josh Tucker

ASSISTANT NONFICTION EDITORS: Emily Conner, Colleen Hollister, Andy Johnson, Kirsten Jorgenson, Nick Pincumbe, Justin Runge

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: Alex Chambers, Samuel Gray, Jenny Gropp, Melissa Hull, Brian Morrison, Daniela Olszewska, Laurence Ross, Justin Runge, Curtis Rutherford, Patricia Waters

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Ashley Gorham, Danny Letz, Daniela Olszewska


Jamey Bradbury: We All Go Through It (2008 Fiction Contest Winner)

Gretchen E. Henderson: Exhibit R  |  Exhibit O  |  Exhibit C

Dustin M. Hoffman: Pushing the Knives

Emily Schultz: Snails

Vauhini Vara: A Girl Is Turning Ten


Naomi: Whistling in the Dark


Steve Gehrke: Post-Adolescent Kong

Terrance Hayes: Mule Hour

Christina LaPrease: Towards the Furrow

Laura Newbern: The Idea of Love

Jennifer Perrine: Portrait of My Daughter as Pink Flamingo (2008 Poetry Contest Winner)

Courtney Queeney: Self-Portrait as Zipper


Eric Ekstrand: Appleblossom

Laird Hunt: If On a Winter’s Night, A Novel

Aimee Nezhukumatathil: Lucky Penny  |  Real Answers to My Tenth Grade Biology Quiz In Which I Missed Three Questions

Noah Saterstrom & Selah Saterstrom: The Curious Paper Doll

Maureen Seaton & Terese Svoboda: Vox- Pop

Alison Stine: To Draw a Line

Mika Taylor: Cum Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

Jeremy Tinder: The Tunnel

Brendan Ward: Mump Dream Theater


Deth P. Sun: Flood (cover)


Cynthia Lowen: The Self Casts a Shadow