35.1 | FALL/WINTER 2008


EDITOR: Nick Parker                                  MANAGING EDITOR: Kate Lorenz

FICTION EDITOR: Colleen Hollister         NONFICTION EDITOR: BJ Hollars

POETRY EDITOR: S. Whitney Holmes      DESIGN EDITOR: Brian Oliu, Justin Runge

ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: Kristin Aardsma, Emily Conner, Rob Dixon, Becca Gray, Christopher Hellwig, Nicholas Helms, BJ Hollars, Heather Humann, Andy Johnson, Luke Southworth, John Wingard

ASSISTANT NONFICTION EDITORS: Elizabeth Wade Buckalew, Emily Conner, Heather Humann, Christopher Hellwig, Colleen Hollister, Robin Lee Mozer, Nick Pincumbe, Colin Rafferty, Raymond Wachter

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: Kristin Aardsma, Ashley Bentley, Cade Collum, Becca Gray, Samuel Gray, Jeremy Hawkins, Melissa Hull, Breanne LeJeune, Michael Marberry, Brian Morrison, Laura Navratil, Kirk Pinho, Laurence Ross, Justin Runge, Curtis Rutherford, Patricia Waters, David Welch

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Kristin Aardsma, Ashley Bentley, Becca Gray, BJ Hollars, Peggy Rossmanith, Justin Runge


Elisabeth Benjamin: Farewell Positions

Michael Garriga: On Watching Her Husband Duel  |  Pistols at Twenty Paces

Frank Giampietro: Like This

Ryan Habermeyer: Sleeping in Candela

Josh Wallaert: That Field, The One They Went Looking For


Lance Larsen: Somewhere There’s a Picture

Christina Olson: Halfway Up a Mountain


Cynthia Arrieu-King & Ariana Sophia Kartsonis: Windshelf

Liz Countryman: We Were Filled with Longing for the Previous Night

Shara Lessley: INTERMISSIONS: Roles for a Lifetime

D.A. Powell: plague year:  comet:  arc

Rebekah Silverman: Dresden Plates

Letitia Trent: Landscape Featuring Oklahoma


Hadara Bar-Nadav: Be My Plate  |  God Broadens My Ear

Brian Evenson: Legion

Dinty W. Moore: Te Quiero Robusteza

Lance Olsen: from Calendar of Regrets

Maria Tomasula & Steve Tomasula: Skin Deep

Joshua Marie Wilkinson: Swamp Isthmus (2)


Eduardo Bertone: Untitled (cover)


Sandra Beasley: Bitch and Brew