34.2 | SPRING/SUMMER 2008


EDITOR: Alissa Nutting                                  MANAGING EDITOR: Nick Parker

FICTION EDITOR: Lucas Southworth          NONFICTION EDITOR: Shrode Hargis

POETRY EDITOR: David Welch                     DESIGN EDITOR: Brian Oliu

ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: Emily Conner, Nik De Dominic, Christopher Hellwig, Nicholas Helms, BJ Hollars, Heather Humann, Andy Johnson, Jeremy Lespi, Kate Lorenz, Cait Lovely, Eric Bracken McMillin, Nick Pincumbe, Adam Weinstein

ASSISTANT NONFICTION EDITORS: Elizabeth Wade Buckalew, Alex Chambers, Emily Conner, BJ Hollars, Heather Humann, Kate Lorenz, Robin Lee Mozer, Laura Navratil, Colin Rafferty, John Wingard

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: Kristin Aardsma, Alex Chambers, Jeremy Hawkins, S. Whitney Holmes, Melissa Hull, Breanne LeJeune, Kate Lorenz, Michael Marberry, Brian Morrison, Laura Navratil, Colin Rafferty, Laurence Ross, Justin Runge, Raymond Wachter, Patricia Waters

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Kristin Aardsma, BJ Hollars, Kelly Prisoc, Justin Runge


Steve Davenport: Mackey Rottler’s Q to Z

Greg Hrbek: Sagittarius (2007 Fiction Contest Winner)

M. Lynx Qualey: Lack

Stephen Tuttle: The Two Mr. Greens


Sheryl St. Germain: Unforgiven: how Not to Write an Essay

Mark Spitzer: Some Messy Nessie Gar Myths & Other Distortions


Mary Jo Bang: H Is Here Is a Song, Now Sing  |  W Is for Whatever

Ashley Capps: Morels  |  Able

Jill Osier: The Steps in the Snow Lead Around and Around a Place Called Want

Chad Parmenter: Batellite, Batellite for Love (2007 Poetry Contest Winner)

Kevin Prufer: The Suicides  |  The War Dead

Karen Rigby: The Story of Adam and Eve

Zanni Schauffler: An Affair, Briefly

William D. Waltz: A Shelter Fake Book  |  Human Snack


Brittney Carmen: How Birds Are Drawn to Headlights, How Girls, Even in Sunlight, Disappear (nominated by David McGlynn)

Laura LeCorgne: The Point of View Shifts (nominated by Anne Germanacos)

Nate Martin: We’re Pregnant (nominated by Deb Olin Unferth)

Jay Varner: Disappearances (nominated by Gary Fincke)


Maya Hayuk: Mural at the Galerie Magda Danysz, Paris, October 18, 2007 (cover)

Graphic Writing

Damien Jay & James Austin Murray: Warsaw

Melanie Lewis: Just This Side of Heaven


Beth Bachmann: Evasion