34.1 | FALL/WINTER 2007


EDITOR: Alissa Nutting                          MANAGING EDITOR: Nick Parker

FICTION EDITOR: Lucas Southworth   NONFICTION EDITOR: Shrode Hargis

POETRY EDITOR: David Welch             DESIGN EDITOR: Brian Oliu, Eric Wennermark

ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: Cathy Blose, Frederick Cope, Rob Dixon, Nik De Dominic, Andrew Farkas, Colleen Hollister, Heather Humann, Jeremy Lespi, Kate Lorenz, Chris McDermott, Laura Navratil, Nick Pincumbe, Adam Weinstein

ASSISTANT NONFICTION EDITORS: Elizabeth Wade Buckalew, Alex Chambers, Tim Croft, Andrew Farkas, Heather Humann, Colin Rafferty, Patricia Waters, Adam Weinstein, John Wingard

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: Sarah Blackman, Elizabeth Wade Buckalew, Ivy Grimes, Jeremy Hawkins, Whitney Holmes, Friedrich Kerksieck, Brian Morrison, Laura Navratil, Colin Rafferty, Jennifer Gandel Ridgeway, Laurence Ross

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Whitney Holmes, Friedrich Kerksieck, Kate Lorenz, Kelly Prisoc


Lee Klein: Kill Your Darlings

Shena McAuliffe: Anatomy of the Eye

Josh Russell: An Airplane Control

Sheheryar Bader Sheikh: Marking January


Blake Butler: List of 50 (22 of 50): CURSE LOOP

Tom McAllister: Confessions of an Obsessed Football Fan

Joe Simonsen: Unsoundnesses


Quan Barry: neo-colonialism

Ash Bowen: Using the Earth as a Blunt-Force Object

John Gallaher: Watermelon in the Afternoon

Charity Ketz: At the Beach

Frannie Lindsay: Shelter

Cynthia Lowen: Oppenheimer Studies the Art of Surrender  |  Oppenheimer Admires the Prints of Hokusai

Nancy K. Pearson: Thanks for a Great Season, See You in the Spring

Tomaž Šalamun: Skrito kolo Katarine Sienske


Raymond Federman: The Worm  |  The Scorpion & The Crocodile

Bob Hicok: Scenic thanatos  |  Innocence  |  A confluence of processes

Danielle Pafunda: I Am Talking Dirty to You Like You Are the Only One in the Room  |  Pearl  |  Horse  |  Wolf Spider  |  Cord of Wood

Michael Parker: The Very Earth

Kathryn Pratt: Love Is Not a Language

William Waltz: Enough Light  |  Human Snack  |  Saint Anthony Falls

Joy Williams: Net


Howie Tsui: Untitled (cover)

Graphic Writing

Josh Frankel: Twilight of the Sea Cow


Alex Lemon: Abracadaver