33.2 | SPRING/SUMMER 2007


EDITOR: Molly Dowd                                          MANAGING EDITOR: Alissa Nutting

FICTION EDITOR: Andy Farkas                          NONFICTION EDITOR: Colin Rafferty

POETRY EDITOR: Jennifer Gandel Ridgeway   DESIGN EDITOR: Eric Wennermark

ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: Christiana Baik, Sarah Blackman, Nik De Dominic, Shrode Hargis, Heather Duerre Humann, Steve Kowalski, Jeremy Lespi, Kate Lorenz, Kate Matheny, Nick Parker, Carl Peterson, Nick Pincumbe, Luke Southworth, Carolyn Watson, Adam Weinstein, John Wingard

ASSISTANT NONFICTION EDITORS: Lauren Choplin, Tara Goedjen, Shrode Hargis, Heather Duerre Humann, Alissa Nutting, Nick Parker, Brooke Parks, Jennifer Gandel Ridgeway

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: Christiana Baik, Sarah Blackman, Elizabeth Buckalew, Cade Collum, Kwoya Fagin, Ivy Grimes, Jeremy Hawkins, MC Hyland, Friedrich Kerksieck, Laura Navratil, Alissa Nutting, Nick Parker, Brooke Parks, Colin Rafferty, David Welch

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Whitney Holmes, Friedrich Kerksieck, Kate Lorenz, Laura Navratil


Chris Bachelder: Otherwise Fruitful

Lily Hoang: Personal Equation

Christopher Merkner: The Cook at Swedish Castle

Eben Wood: The Masturah Well (2006 Fiction Contest Winner)


Leslie Jamison: In Defense of Saccharin(e)


Beth Anne Fennelly: Cow Tipping (2006 Poetry Contest Winner)

Michele Glazer: The least amount of stirred air a figure needed

Paul Guest: A Brief History of History

K.A. Hays: Serotinous

Sarah E. Smith: Why I Am Not Famous

Greta Wrolstad: Notes on Sea and Shore


Beth Bachmann: Introduction by James Hoch

Jennifer Chang: Introduction by Victoria Chang  |  Postscript  |  Sea Psalm  |  Apologia pro Vita Sua

Michael Salisbury: Introduction by Ander Monson  |  Horizontal Accidents

Lynne Tillman: Introduction by Lydia Millet  |  The Way We Are

Deb Olin Unferth: Introduction by Steve Tomasula  |  Brevity  |  International Days  |  Conversations 


Nicole Barrick: Dress of Loss and Gain (cover)


Stephanie Bolster: The Life of the Mind