3.2 | SPRING 1977


EDITOR: Sarah Teal DeMellier            BUSINESS MANAGER: Patricia Hastings

FICTION EDITOR: Ric Dice                   POETRY EDITOR: Richard Weaver

EDITORIAL STAFF: Paul Alexander, Tim Harkins, Clark Powell, Shirley Pribbenow, Jeff Richards, Philip Shirley, Ross White


Daniel C. Domench: Frontier Trailer Court

William McMillen: The Oxford, Wisconsin Winter Carnival and Fisheree, January 23-25, 1959

Richard E. Messer: Learning to Drive

Randy Quarles: Uncle Gray’s Funeral


Ralph Adamo: Eden’s Dream of Valerian  |  Love Is Ended and the Grave Also  |  Photographer 

Alan Albert: Two Phases

Anne Cherner: King on Horseback and Suite, Fleeing from the Attack of a Unicorn 

George Colt: In a Tunnel  |  Piano Practice in the Mansion

Nancy C. Harris: Liberation by Hearing

Patrick Hermann: Orchesography

Jeanie Thompson: Blanche d’Antigny, Paris: 1874  |  Apollonie Sabatier: La Prèsidente. Paris: 1857  |  La Barucci. Paris: 1868

Ernesto Trejo: The Cloud Unfolding  |  It’s Your Name and It’s Also December  |  Shipwreck  |  August

John Witschel: In Winter  |  Survival  |  Whitefox



Roger Ladd Memmott


Felix Kirkland