28.2 | SPRING/SUMMER 2002


EDITOR: Ander Monson                        MANAGING EDITOR: David Mitchell Goldberg

FICTION EDITOR: Tommy Zurhellen    POETRY EDITOR: Don Gilliland


ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: Mies Aaij, Brian Buckbee, Liz Champlin, Maraya Cornell, Tim Croft, Sean Denmark, Don Dove, Elizabeth Downs, Heather Duerre, Sylvia Elliott, Jennifer Gravley, Steffen Guenzel, Barrett Hathcock, Tim Hering, Jasmine Hodges, Jill Holtz, Matt Maki, Amanda Page, Jane Sandor, Kevin Waltman, Aaron Welborn

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: David Floyd, Lauren Goodwin, Jennifer Gravley, Elizabeth Hogan, Dan Kaplan, Matt Maki, Molly Oberlin, Jennifer Pemberton, Braden Phillips-Welborn, John Pursley III, Emma Ramey, Tim Ross, Elaine Scudder, Abraham Smith, James VanderMeer


Rita Welty Bourke: The Sculpted Woman

Catherine Jones: Light

Tom Kealey: The Problem with Flight

Robert Mentzer: Story About Hugging

Seth Taylor: What You Want But You Can’t Buy

Lynne Weiss: The Wednesday After Thanksgiving


Jenny Flynn: Talk of Indians

Amber Withycombe: Salton Sea: Some Geographies of Relocation


Renée Ashley: I Am Still Here

Jasper Bernes: Even

Oni Buchanan: The Rescue Lullaby

Randall R. Freisinger: Word Games

Lara Glenum: Pornography 

Michael Hudson: Feeling Sorry for Myself While Watching Scuba Divers Explore Sunken Ships on TV

Honorée Fanonne Jeffers: The Book of Alabama: Chapter Coltrane 

Gillian Kiley: Hawks with Two Jesses, a Ring and a Leash

Victor Lodato:The Dog Is in the Yard

Richard Lyons: These Continuous Things  |  To the Tune of The Last Time I Saw Paris

Khaled Mattawa: Echo & Elixir 

Cecily Parks: Underwear

Melanie Jordan Rack: Why Astronomy Matters

Matt Robinson: apple: he said she did, but 

Margot Schilpp: Equilibrium 

Lacy L. Schultz: R / Egress

Brandon Mendoza Som: Song of the Named

Alison Stine: Grace

Victor Streeby: Landscape II

Michael Teig: How Much String Is in the World.  |  Who Has It. 

Jeff Worley: Veterans Day 2000, Tucson



Margaret Walker Alexander  |  Michael Cunningham

Josephine Humphreys  |  Sena Jeter Naslund


Nannette Bolick: Untitled

Sarah Marshall: inside cover art

Mary Ann Sampson: cover art


Medbh McGuckian: Alone with the Boatman