26.2 | SPRING/SUMMER 2000


EDITOR: Laura Didyk                                     MANAGING EDITOR: T.J. Beitelman

FICTION EDITOR: Christopher Manlove     POETRY EDITOR: Susan Goslee

DESIGN EDITOR: Charisse Antonopoulos

ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: John Barrett, Jim Casey, Jennifer Davis, Daisy Dodge, Sean Ford, David Goldberg, Rob Hartzell, Charley Henley, Baker Lawley, Ander Monson, Geoff Trombo, Tommy Zurhellen

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: Liz Champlin, Naomi Clewett, Clare Clifford, Don Gilliland, Sean Lovelace, John Miller, William C. Moorer, Mark Neely, Leah Nielsen, Marc Petersen, John Pursley III, Emma Ramey, Elaine Scudder, Brandy Whitlock


Dimitri Anastasopoulos: The Pupils of Gotse D. 

Anthony Doerr: July Fourth

Joshua Harmon: The Fisherman and His Wife

Daniela Kuper: goodbyegoodbyegoodbye

James D. Redwood: The Son Returns

Mary Yukari Waters: Kami


Robert Lacy: Andre

Martin Lammon: Strange Waters from Nine Degrees North

Susan Neville: Perfect Circle


Marvin Bell: Sounds of the Resurrected  |  Dead Man’s Footsteps  |  About the Dead Man and Hot Topics (#41)  |  About the Dead Man and One or More Conundrums (#50)  |  About the Dead Man and the Picket Fence (#70) 

Joshua Clover: Ferris Wheel  |  French Narratives

Nicole Cooley: Archival: The Devil’s Book  |  Archival: Silence

Jill Alexander Essbaum: David the City

James Baker Hall: Fire  |  Rothko

Jennifer Militello: Roam Season

Jennifer Snyder: A Theory About Jazz from 10 Broken Sestinas

Russell Thorburn: Apollinaire’s Head

Karen Volkman: [untitled]  |  [untitled]  |  [untitled]



Nancy Bunge: Conversation with Marvin Bell


Matthew Doherty  |  Alan May  |  Mark Sullivan  |  Charles Sweetman


Susan Gray: The Visitation (cover)

Mary Ann Sampson: Out of the Coop with the Chicken Feet Boys


Linda Bierds: The Lacemaker’s Condenser