26.1 | FALL/WINTER 1999


EDITOR: Laura Didyk                                     MANAGING EDITOR: T.J. Beitelman

FICTION EDITOR: Christopher Manlove     POETRY EDITOR: Susan Goslee

DESIGN EDITOR: Charisse Antonopoulos

ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: John Barrett, T.J. Beitelman, Jennifer Davis, Sean Ford, Jan Jarvis, Amanda Long

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: T.J. Beitelman, Naomi Clewett, JoLee Gibbons, Ben Gunsberg, Zachary Jack, Janet Jarvis, Sean Lovelace, Maurice Manning, William C. Moorer, Mark Neely, Amanda Williamsen


Nicholas Arvin: Commemorating 

Joseph Boyden: Born With a Tooth

Megan Louise Furth: Sonata for Silent Piano

Ingrid Hill: Ursula in Uruguay 

Linnea Johnson: South of Patsy

Char Miller: Dissection

James Pate: 12 Resolutions Toward a New Year


Jonathan Blum: May Be Habit Forming

Beth Ann Fennelly: Finding My Way Home


Rick Barot: Reading Plato

Betsy Brown: Formica Road

Gina Franco: Fishing

Tony Hoagland: How It Adds Up  |  Skyscrapers of Feeling

Christine Hume: Miraculous Panoptic Precipitations 

Amy Lingafelter: The Candy Poem

Madeleine Marcotte: Marriage

Alice Notley: There Was a Room of Statuettes of Saints in Struggle  |  The Donor of the Mosaics  |  Judgment in Rosy Quartz

Patrick Phillips: The Mussel

Heidi Johannesen Poon: The Unrequited Love of Yoshitoshi’s Widow

Robyn Schiff: Morakami Museum Garden

Kyoko Uchia: House 

Martin Walls: Socialist Poem #3



Alicia Conroy  |  Sean Aden Lovelace  |  Maurice Manning  |  Susan Tekulve


Guy R. Beining: Adlib Alibi

Susan Gray: Dear William (cover)


Nancy Eimers: A Verb in This Mood