25.2 | SPRING/SUMMER 1999


EDITOR: Christopher Chambers            MANAGING EDITOR: Laura Didyk

FICTION EDITOR: Matt McDonald         POETRY EDITOR: Matt Doherty

DESIGN EDITOR: Shari DeGraw             WEB EDITOR: Christopher Manlove

ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: Will Belford, Brendan Cooney, Jennifer Davis, Laura Didyk, Rob Hartzel, Robert Johnson, Amanda Long, Christopher Manlove, Michael Mejia

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: T.J. Beitelman, JoLee Gibbons, Susan Goslee, Ben Gunsberg, Zachary Jack, Janet Jarvis, Mack Knopf, Maurice Manning, Alan May, Chad Moorer, Leah Nielson, David Parker, Amanda Williamsen


Jane Buchbinder: harry finckelschmidt returns the perfect love of the world’s beginning

Nicole Cordrey: The Band We’re In

Noy Holland: Fairway

Mark Kipniss: Language as Bait  |  Water  |  The Pastor as Airfield

Peter Markus: Good, Brother

Rob Trucks: Alaska

Mark Wisniewski: Three-Quarters Stitched


Jennifer Horne: The Dark Vision of Thomas Rabbit

Michelle Nickol: Ackerman’s k


Susan Brown: Dreamcatcher

Rick Bursky: Dedication

M. Rukmini CallimachI: Lucia

Billy Collins: Monocular  |  Neurology

Carol Ann Davis: As elsewhere

James Baker Hall: Love  |  It Felt So Good But Many Times I Cried

Simon Perchik: *

Thomas Rabbitt: April Fool’s Day, Morgan Hall, the Department of English, the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa Campus  |  The Beach at Falmouth Heights, Summer, 1952

Michael Teig: Excluded from Frescoes

Jeff Worley: From a Canister Labeled Abilene, 1938

Andrew Zawacki: [selected from] Mise en scène



Don Noble: A Conversation with John Barth


Brett R. Baker  |  Neal Kirchner  |  Michael Mejia  |  Laura Mullen


William Christenberry: Dream Building XII (cover)

Silver Buckle Press Collaboration: Exquisite Horse


Tomaž Šalamun: An Eel Rushing from the Mouth of the Sun