23.2 | SPRING/SUMMER 1997


EDITOR: Mindy Wilson                       MANAGING EDITOR: Christopher Chambers

FICTION EDITOR: Jim Hilgartner       POETRY EDITOR: Anthony Caleshu

DESIGN EDITOR: Michael Fallon

ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: Nelinia Cabiles, Jill Christman, Andy Duncan, Lainee Frizzo, Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis, Matt McDonald, Michael Mejia, Julia Romberger, Melissa Sorongon, Stan Whatley, Eliot Wilson

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: Rick Adams, Melanie Carter, Matt Doherty, JoLee Gibbons, Margaret Hermes, Melissa Huseman, Maurice Manning, Alan May


Robert Hellenga: For Sale

Heather L. Hirschi: From There to Here, From Here to There

Edward O’Connell: Crossing Chihuahua 

Robert Olmstead: Her Lover

Brennen Wysong: The Sin-Eater’s Tale


Billy Collins: I Chop Some Parsley While Listening to Art Blakely’s Version of “Three Blind Mice”

Jennifer Grotz: The Train

Mark Levine: Mercy  |  Hello  |  The Holy Pail

Simon Perchik: *

Laurie Sheck: Escape Velocity  |  Untitled from Black Series  |  Untitled from Black Series

Steven Sherill: Mosaic  |  Psalm of the Malcontent 

R.T. Smith: Linen List

Donna Stonecipher: Rainy Sunday  |  To an Aesthete 

Robert Wrigley: X-ray of a Kiss



Terrence Cheng: A Conversation with Madison Smartt Bell


Anthony Caleshu  |  Jeff Mock  |  Scott Yarbrough


Kathleen V. Fetters: chapbook cover art

Kathi Rick: cover art

Carolyn Sherer: from Junior Matriarchs of the South


Albert Goldbarth: Travel Notes

Andrew Hudgins: O They Tell Me of an Uncloudy Day