20.2 | SPRING/SUMMER 1994


EDITOR: Leigh Ann Sackrider                MANAGING EDITOR: Mark S. Drew

FICTION EDITOR: Ashley Gibson          POETRY EDITOR: Timothy Geiger


ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: Brett Baker, Glenn J. Dwiggins, Jeanne M. Leiby, Matthew Miller, Ray Murray, Matt Posner, Eddie Summers, Kristen Swink, Mitch Wieland, Eliot K. Wilson, Mindy Wilson

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: Amy Benson, Leesa Brown, Anthony Brusate, Anthony Caleshu, Honi Jeffers, Neal Kirchner, Raphael Koster, Tom McDougle, Robert McKay, Kavita Sharma, David Sorrell

PRODUCTION STAFF: Anthony Brusate, Glenn J. Dwiggins, John F. Hirschman, Jeanne M. Leiby, Steve Miller, Mindy Wilson

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Clarance Kinzalow, Tom McDougle, Mindy Wilson


Shawn Behlen: What I Want

Stig Dagerman (translated by Steven Hartman): The Games of Night

Maria Healey: Amelia Earhart

Catherine H. Park: Towering Lucinda

Valerie Vogrin: Who Can Say Otherwise?


Alicia Griswold: The Right Place at the Right Time: A Look at the Work and Career of Babs Deal

Beth Meekins: Lost in the Laughing Place: Notes on the Postmodern-Postsouthern Condition


Aaron Anstett: The Ticket Taker Speaks

Stephen Todd Booker: Faith

Christopher Buckley: Late Schoolyard

Susan Dickman: Touch Wood

Brendan Galvin: Talking to Anne from Her Dream  |  Potato Variations

Mark Jarman: Unholy Sonnet  |  Unholy Sonnet

Y.C. Murphy: Skunk Lady

Greg Pape: Whatever Happened to J.C.?  |  Evening News

Len Roberts: If forgetting what you know

Dixie Salazar: The Chameleon 

Marc Straus: The List  |  Neuroanatomy Summer  |  Luck

Chase Twichell: Corporate Geese

Jon Veinberg: The Moth-Burning

Lee Upton: Herb Gatherers Off I-80


Glen Epstein: cover art

Keri Rosebraugh: chapbook cover art


Thomas Rabbitt: Road Kills