20.1 | FALL/WINTER 1993


EDITOR: Leigh Ann Sackrider          MANAGING EDITOR: Mark S. Drew

FICTION EDITOR: Ashley Gibson    POETRY EDITOR: Timothy Geiger

PRODUCTION MANAGER: Suzy Krzyminski, Mike Sample


ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: William Black, Cathy Day, Glenn J. Dwiggins, Steven Featherstone, John Hirschman, Jeanne M. Leiby, Ray Murray, Eliot K. Wilson

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: Leesa Brown, Anthony Brusate, Chris Custer, Rebecca Dosch, Mark S. Drew, Jeff Hardin, Neal Kirschner, Madeline Marcotte, George Promenschenkel, Lisa Spadafora

PRODUCTION STAFF: Anthony Brusate, Chris Custer, Mark S. Drew, Sarah Gannett, John Hirschman, Neal Kirschner, Jeanne M. Leiby

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Hank Bunnell, Betsy Crook, David Zimmerman


Philip Baruth: Peaheart

Janet Fitch: White Oleander

Letitia L. Moffitt: Living Dead

Diane Morrow: Bolivia


Charles W. Darling: Stick Figures

Brendan Galvin: October Swallows  |  The Soul Is Not Colorless

Nikki Herbst: Whirligigs

Richard Jackson: Waiting for Kafka

Jeff Mock: The Presence of Absence 

Chad Oness: August 1990

Pamela Proffitt: The Gardener

Gary Soto: Probability 

Pamela Stewart: Flight

Charles Webb: Braille

Justin Wright: Small Talk

Gary Young: Four Days


AWP Intro Journals Series

Jane Meredith Adams: Kathleen

Gabrielle Halko: Asylum

Robert B. Hass: The Park They Say Is Dead

Brett Hursey: The Girl Who Cuts Your Hair

Jennifer Callin Oakes: In a Moment

Joon Park: Flight of Gravity’s Attention

Cynthia Williams: Fish


Richard Rickart: Cherub #115 (cover)

Colleen C. Tully: Across the Lawn (chapbook cover)


Rita Dove: Lost Brilliance: Poems to Persephone and Demeter