2.2 | SPRING 1976


EDITOR: Jeanie Thompson               BUSINESS MANAGER: Chris Klein

FICTION EDITOR: Ric Dice                 POETRY EDITOR: Richard Weaver

EDITORIAL STAFF: John Allison, Sarah DeMellier, George Thompson, Ross White


Kent Nelson: A False Encounter


Norman Dubie: Elegies for the Ochre Deer on the Walls at Lascaux  

John Ficociello: The Madrigal Is Seldom So Equivocal  |  Second Sense. 1921. Halpert’s Dreams…  |  Letters Written on and as the Vine Emerges

Rodney Jones: Honor  |  Conversation with a Stranger  |  A Cure for Shapes

Colleen McElroy: To Whom Do You Wish to Speak

Charles McNair: Black Warrior

Lawrence Moffi:  Come Back

Louie Skipper: Appearance of Deer in the Morning

Pamela Stewart: A Pantomime in Black and Red  |  The Farm  |  Northern Flowers  |  Sister  |  Stream Section: Shugakuin Gardens


Peter Goodwin: cover art