2.1 | Fall 1975


EDITOR: Jeanie Thompson               LAYOUT EDITOR: Sarah DeMellier

FICTION EDITOR: Ric Dice                 POETRY EDITOR: Richard Weaver

EDITORIAL STAFF: John Allison, Sarah DeMellier, Don Harvey, Don Smith


Barry Hannah: Knowing He Was Not My Kind Yet I Followed

Roger Ladd Memmott: Filosofers and Phools


Peter Cooley: Birthmark  |  Grandmother Poem  |  Contacts  |  Tell Me

Wayne Dodd: December 31  |  Bread

L.A. Farrin: Letter to Gauguin  |  Pont-Aven, 1893-95

Michael Florence: Mykonos

Siv Cedering Fox: Letter from Galileo Galilei  |  Addressing Zakarias 

Alberth Goldbarth: The Functions  |  The Linguistics of Prostitution  |  Synechdoche: A Survey

David Owen Johnson: A Near Tragedy on an Early Spring Day  |  Dame Edith  |  North African Ladies of the Plains

Beth Jost: What I Look for in a Lover Besides a Prison Record  |  Hospital

Pat Keller: Aerialist  |  Elevator

Elizabeth Libby: Beyond Hearing, To Be Asked In  |  The Lie  |  Love Poem  |  Insomnia: A Practical Guide  |  Building My Home in the Woods

Lyn Lifshin: from Middlebury Poems

Ron Loewinsohn: Goat Dance: Orpheus Turning  |  Goat Dance  |  Goat Dance  |  Un Souffle Disperse les Limites du Foyer

Dan Masterson: Rescue  

Gary Young: Simple Things  |  Nights Alone



Ric Dice  |  Patrick Hermann


Wayne Sides: cover art