19.2 | SPRING/SUMMER 1993


EDITOR: James H.N. Martin                      MANAGING EDITOR: Jo Lee Gibbons

FICTION EDITOR: Leigh Ann Sackrider    POETRY EDITOR: Roger Scott


ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: Lisa Link Barefield, Hank Bunnell, Cathy Day, Glenn J. Dwiggins, Steven Featherstone, Ashley Gibson, John Hirschman, Kipling Knox, Ray Murray, Christopher Rue, Stan Whatley

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: Rebecca Dosch, Mark Drew, Timothy Geiger, Lisa Spadafora

PRODUCTION STAFF: Cathy Day, Jacqueline Duffey, Steven Featherstone, Ashley Gibson, Ginger Griffin, John Hirschman, Stan Whatley, Susan Wylie

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Hank Bunnell, David Zimmerman


Mark Costello: Lies

Andrew Fox: The Story of Alpha

Diane Lefer: Yasemin

Beth Nugent: Popular Girls


Mark Dawson: Pressed in Spirit: Recent Poetry by Peter Cooley and Peter Wild

Richard Hardack: A Music Seeking Its Words: Double-Timing and Double-Consciousness in Jazz

Leslie Kelen: The Only Way to Live: Interview with David Ignatow


Laura Bernstein: To Those Who Fear Explosions

Loretta Collins: Justine Has a Few Words for the Marquis de Sade

Caroline Hemphill: Do the dead dream of waking?

Susan Holahan: Sister Betty Reads the Whole You

Susan Kolodny: Paros, View from the Harbor

Catherine Marvel: Museum of Comparative Zoology  |  Viral Surgery  |  Physical Measurements in Aphasia 

Laura Mullen: The Visible World

Theresa Pappas: Not Watching the Men  |  His Skin the Color of This Coffee

Freda Quenneville: Having Begonias 

Amy C. Riddell: Criminal Intent

A.K. Ulku: Willow

Ann Vnucak: Anthropology 

Jeff Worley: Sin


Sue Owrutsky: As It Is Written (cover)


Mary B. Campbell: Are Sin Disease and Death Real?