18.1 | FALL/WINTER 1991


EDITOR: Glenn Mott                             MANAGING EDITOR: Dale Prince

FICTION EDITOR: Nicola Williams       POETRY EDITOR: James H.N. Martin

GRAPHIC ARTIST: Donald Baxter        PRODUCTION MANAGER: David O. Benson

ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: Madeline Brown, Dan Childress, Glenn J. Dwiggins, Michelle Fredette, Ellen Gandt, V.E. Link, Leigh Ann Sackrider, Ron Sielinski, Kim Trevathan

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: Timothy Geiger, Jeff Hardin, Roger Scott


Alison Baker: The Kidnappee

Lisa Borders: Sarah in the Tornado

Alicia Delserone: Imagining the City

Rachel Hall: T’ai Chi

Dan Leone: You Have Chosen Cake

Tom McNeal: Murdock’s Wife


Hank Lazer: Technician of the Social: Gil Ott’s Public Domain


Walid Bitar: A Northern Reply to Vallejo’s Twilight

Joseph Chaney: Orange

Jeff Hamilton: Broken Off Correspondences 

Christopher Z. Hobson: The Burning of McCormick Place 1967

Kelvin Holland: The Dark Seed of Whitman

Boris Hristov: Solitary Man

Vladimir Levchev: Athens

Henry Jeronimo Morro: Somoza’s Teeth

Eric Pankey: Serenade

Gail Shepherd: In Theory  |  By Available Light  |  Between 20 and 20,000

Megan Simpson: Letters Following Travel

John Taggart: Star Dust  |  A Number of Times 

Diane Tierney: Sundial

Nancy White: Confection

Ekaterina Yosifova: Beneath Winter’s Roof


AWP Intro Journals Series

Mary Adams: The Sphere of Influence

Fred Landers: Max

Valerie Stephens McCoy: Whiteout

Renée Manfredi: The Projectionist

Jacqueline Dee Parker: Razor’s Edge

Margaret Remple: Night Stories

Shelly Withrow: Rasp

Robyn Zappala: Two Women


Chris Custer  |  Jeff Hamilton  |  Margaret Hanzimanolis  |  Thomas Alan Holmes  |  Mark Irwin  |  Glenn Mott  |  Carol J. Pierman


Roger Rice: cover art


Laura Moriarty: from Symmetry