13.2 | SPRING 1987


EDITOR: Janet McAdams                   MANAGING EDITOR: Amber Vogel

FICTION EDITOR: Tom Chiarella      POETRY EDITOR: Amber Vogel

ASSISTANT FICTION EDITORS: Jon Brooks, Sara Bullard, Jennifer Fremlin, Betsy Hanzimanolis, Alan Holmes, Tom Stem, Valerie Vogrin, Christian Waters

ASSISTANT POETRY EDITORS: Mark Dawson, Michelle Elise, Jennifer Horne, Kate Krauss, Jane Kuenz, Jeff Mock

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Cristin Hinesley, Michelle Holladay, Dale Prince

PRODUCTION STAFF: Ed Howard, Patti Tanski


Fern Chertkow: The Conersion of Eddie Mexico

John Domini: The Arno Line

Patricia Eakins: from a Bestiary: A Note to the Reader Forrago

Mark Fishman: Night Before Last

Robert Pope: The Recital

Meredith Steinbach: Bluebeard’s Children


Maria Luisa Aguilar-Carino: A Sense of Balance  |  From an Album  |  Monsoon  |  Omaira  |  After Movies  |  Improvisation 

David Craig Austin: Autobiography  |  Animals  |  Solace

Edward Byrne: Words Spoken, Words Unspoken  |  In Your Memory, We Move

Patricia Goedicke: Some Nights the Mind

Christopher Howell: Prayer of the Preblind  |  I’m Telling You

Andrew Kaufman: Etude in Black

Edward Kleinschmidt: The Absence of Day

Lawrence Markert: Bringing Back the Dead

Ramón E. Martinez: After Lorca

Rainer Maria Rilke: The Bowl of Roses

Charlie Smith: American Drift

Julie Wilson: Points to Remember

Valerie Wohlfeld: An Echo of Crows: The Black Bird


Mis Amigos Relegados: A Special Feature on Latin American Literature


Reinaldo Arenas: With My Eyes Shut  |  The Wounded

Roque Dalton: Oppression & Milk  |  Dream No. 11.880  |  The House of Carlos

Maria Luisa Puga: Young Mother

Julio Ramón Ribeyro: An Ordinary Sunday


Ofelia Castillo: Chronicles

Elsa Cross: Bacantes: V

Oscar Hahn: Dream of Hiroshima

Myriam Moscona: Last Garden

Jorge Teillier: Story of a Prodigal Son  |  Night Trains

Josefina de la Torre: The Sky’s Green Willow

Veronica Volkow: Memory


Lynn Domina: A Review of Woman Who Has Sprouted Wings: Poems by Latin American Women

Edward Haworth Hoeppner: The Cult of the Circular: Jorge Amado’s Sea of Death, Homero Ardijis’s Persephone

Lynn Pruett: A Review of Other Fires: Short Fiction by Latin American Women


Andrew Hudgins  |  Greg Kuzma


Paintings from Honduras

Anibal Cruz: The Child of the Brothel  |  Blood Protest

Victor Lopez: The Party Tie  |  My Legal Rights, Lieutenant 

Helias Foundation: Arpilleras patchwork tapestry (cover)