10.2 | SPRING 1984


EDITOR: Will Blythe                                  PRODUCTION MANAGER: Clay Leonard

BUSINESS MANAGER: Peter Huggins    OFFICE MANAGER: Kenna Simmons

FICTION EDITOR: Ron Carroll                  POETRY EDITOR: John C. Morrison

EDITORIAL STAFF: John Bradley, Thomas Chiarella, Matt Devens, Kelly Dobyns, Lynn Domina, Mary Anne Eliis, Gabby Hyman, Ellen Jackson, Lynn Pruett, Elizabeth Stronge, Kim Anne Thomas, John Dean Wagner, Dave Zielinski

PRODUCTION STAFF: Jack Heffron, Shannon Hurt, Joan Kubisch, Rachel Ward

COPY EDITOR: Thomas Alan Holmes


Dev Hathaway: from Howard in the Roses

William Kittredge: Freedom

Mary Morris: Conquering Space

Craig Nova: Recognition 

Robert Olmstead: A Good Cow

Brad Watson: The Way to a Man’s Heart


Chard deNord: Watching on the Railroad

Tess Gallagher: Boat Ride

Victor Gavirio: Comprehension

Daniel Halpern: 3 A.M. the Rain

Daryl Jones: The Horse

Sydney Lea: Surviving Romance  |  Facing the Revenant  |  The One Near Thought of the Stone in Autumn

Elizabeth Libbey: Paraphernalia  |  Landscape for One Voice

Liza Nelson: Intersection

Daniel Shapiro: On Leave

Charles Simic: The Road Home  |  For the Sake of Amelia  |  With Souls as White as Butterflies

Gerald Stern: Red Bird

Chase Twichell: The Colorless Center of Everything

Idea Vilariño: Noche de Sabado

Dara Wier: Dreamland  |  Daytrip to Paradox

Peter Wild: The Shroud of Turin

Paul Zimmer: The Great Bird of Love Over the Kingdom



Michael Pettit  |  Carolyne Wright


Richard Brough: Tao (cover)