1.1 | Fall 1974


EDITOR: Jeanie Thompson                     LAYOUT EDITOR: Beth Jost

FICTION EDITOR: Carl Hoffman             POETRY EDITOR: Michael Florence

EDITORIAL STAFF: John Bensko, Timothy Harkins, Beth Jost, Toby Leamon, Carole Swanay, Richard Weaver


H.E. Francis: Distances

Anita Miller: Beautiful Mexico


John Allison: Breathing  |  What Keeps Us Alive 

James Bardon: The Humanist 

D.C. Berry: Emily’s Toss

John Ditsky: You Have Relatives in Germany?  |  Not to Mention Madness

Norman Dubie: Pastoral  |  El Greco  |  The Orphans  |  For David St. John Who’s Written a Poem 

Brenda Grantland: Medea  |  Phoebe 

Cornelia Guest: Keke

Byron Hopkins: Correspondents

David Owen Johnson: Terrapin

Leigh McLellan: Anniversary  |  Death of a Chinese Artist  |  Leaving Alabama

Thomas Rabbitt: from Exile

Marcel Smith: Courtship  |  Ernest  |  Rich  |  Brunson

Gary Soto: Emilio  |  Alone in December

Daniel Towner: The Opening  |  Evidence That One-Eyed Cats Are Pulled into the Earth

Peter Wild: The Painter  |  Cordilleras  |  Badlands 



Don Noble: An Interview with Seymour Krim


Marshall Hagler: cover art