National Poetry Month: HOLIDAY by Wendy Xu

Apr 17, 2015Archive, Feature

This year, for national poetry month, we asked our assistant poetry editors to pick a favorite poem published by BWR, write a little bit about why they liked it, and record themselves reading it aloud.



“I think what appealed to me the most about ‘Holiday’ is the phenomenological experience of relationships with others that it expresses. People as a sensory experience of ringing bells, sticky hands. Friends and family who look out at the world, and forgive, and care. The voice here oscillates between agency within these relationships and the acknowledgement that all human relationships are built on the flawed foundations of our selves. It’s complex and beautiful vision of the place where self-care and sociality overlap.” – K. Jane Childs

This poem is from issue 40.1. You may purchase a copy here.