Resurrection Sickness

by José Gutierrez

Take that little trip  

into the room. Pull back  


the cloth: ghouls, rodents, 

problems that don’t exist 


exist outside of the room. 

When my father dies 


he says he wants his body 

launched into space. 


I haven’t asked where. 

My mother I’m not 


so sure. When she dies, 

I think I will take her 


to the mountain. Maybe 

travelers will guide us. 


Maybe I won’t even climb. 

I can just stand there 


talking, listening, not. 

Let me keep her eyes.  

José Gutierrez, a descendant of Mexican immigrants and the Wixáritari peoples, is a graduate of California State University at Long Beach and Washington University in St. Louis. They live on unceded Nipmuc land in Massachusetts.