Issue 38.2, The Umbrella Issue, is now available!

Apr 18, 2012Archive, News

Our Spring/Summer 2012 issue features the winners of our Seventh-Annual Contest, Nicholas Gulig, Harry Leeds, and Janice Lee, along with new writing from Martin Rock, Julia Madsen, Laura Eve Engel, Jenny Hanning, Megan Martin, Alex Taylor, Billy Longino, Steven Matthew Brown, Matt Donovan, Jonathan Volk, Andrew Borgstrom, Laura Sims, Lucy Corin, Kate Greenstreet, Donald Platt, Jon Davis, Dana Levin, Craig Foltz, Rusty Morrison, Samantha Stiers, Ching-In Chen, Joshua Harmon.  The chapbook in this issue is by Dawn Pendergast, and we also feature comics by Becky Dreistadt, Frank Gibson, Zach Marcus, Chrissy Spallone, and Liz Prince.  The art feature is by Tawni Shuler.

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