Section H

You met your true love at your best friend’s holiday party. He was new in town, a teacher, a good good man. Look at him look at you, like you were the crown jewels and he was about to inherit the kingdom. My girl, I can feel your heart racing. Already you’re in love with him, though you don’t even know his name. Already you know he will give you two beautiful daughters, and he will love all three of the girls you will share. You know he will do everything in his power to be good to you, and still it won’t be enough. We both know he will break your heart, but even I want you to give it to him. Just look at how badly he wants it. Maybe somewhere else, in another story, he’ll keep it well. (Go to subsection 2). Go ahead, sweets, give him your heart. We’ll deal with the repercussions later.

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